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Three The Mark of Athena Audiobook by Rick Riordan

Three The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan (The Heroes of Olympus)

Three The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan
Three The Mark of Athena





The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan is part of The Heroes of Olympus, a five-part collection that dilated of the Percy Jackson and also The Olympians series. The Mark of Athena is the 3rd in the series, and starts with Annabeth, a child of the Greek goddess of knowledge and battle, Athena, making her method to Camp Jupiter, the camp for Roman half-bloods, or demigods. With her are Leo Valdez (son of Hephaestus), Coach Gleeson Hedge (a satyr), Jason Grace (son of Jupiter, the Roman god of the sky), as well as Piper McClean (daughter of Aphrodite). When they arrive at Camp Jupiter, they locate that it has actually lately been assaulted, yet Annabeth takes care of to find her guy and also the lead character of Riordan’s very first Olympus series, Percy Jackson (kid of Poseidon). The demigods collect and go over the Prophecy of Seven, which needs partnership between the Greek and also Roman demigods.

They are nearly at a point where the Romans are ready to rely on the Greeks when the Argo II, the ship developed by Leo, attacks the camp. Leo gets condemned, and the group of half-bloods, consisting of Leo, Percy, Annabeth, Hazel (daughter of Pluto, the Roman god of the dead as well as the Underworld), as well as Frank (son of Mars, the Roman god of battle), and Jason are eliminated from the Roman camp. The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan  download Audiobook. Leo neither keeps in mind the strike neither has any reason he would have struck. Piper dreams that they have to go and fulfill Bacchus, so they take a trip to Topeka to find him. When they do, he tells them he does not wish to join their mission and sends them to find Phorcys to obtain info regarding Gaea.

Gaea is the primary villain of the collection; the demigods are aiming to stop her from reawakening.Three The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan  download Audiobook. She attacks the team and also takes control of Jason as well as Percy, compeling Piper to make a decision which of them will live and also which will certainly pass away, given that she needs both a female and male demigod. Considering that Piper can not choose, Gaea requires them to eliminate one another. Nonetheless, Piper is able to quit them as well as the team leaves. They determine that Leo was similarly possessed when he struck Camp Jupiter, yet without evidence, they recognize they will certainly not obtain the Roman demigods there to trust them. So, they comply with Bacchus’s suggestion as well as find Phorcys.

On the way, Percy has a dream. In the beginning, the dream reveals Otis and Ephialtes preparing yourself to destroy all of Rome. He recognizes it is July, so the demigods have a deadline. Percy likewise dreams regarding Nico di Angelo, that, like Hazel, is a youngster of the god of the Underworld– except his papa is the Greek variation, Hades. In Percy’s desire, Nico is trapped. Percy assures to save him, then he is gotten up by Annabeth. The demigods show up in Atlanta, where they locate Phorcys with the help of Keto, mother of all sea beasts.

Percy uses his powers as the child of the god of the sea to obtain Phorcys to talk to him regarding Otis and Ephilates. He additionally asks him regarding Nico, and learns that he is being made use of as lure for the other demigods. Although Phorcys attempts to catch the demigods in the aquarium, they run away, and also Percy tells the demigods that they need to locate a map that will lead them to the Athena Parthenos, situated in Rome. Annabeth recalls seeing her mother examining a map and also speaking about the mark of Athena. Athena likewise told Annabeth that teaming up with the Romans would certainly get her disowned, and also gave her a silver coin.