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The Mystery Knight Audiobook by Ben Avery

The Mystery Knight Audiobook by Ben Avery

The Mystery Knight Audiobook by Ben Avery Free
The Mystery Knight Audiobook by Ben Avery




The story starts with Dunk as well as Egg leaving Stoney Sept. They are moving north to attempt and also occupy service with Lord Beron Stark, who has actually sent a require guys to help repel Greyjoy raids on the northern coast. The Mystery Knight Audiobook by Ben Avery Download. On the way they encounter a septon that was beheaded for teaching treason; Dunk keeps in mind that Brynden Rivers, the Hand of the King referred to as Lord Bloodraven, has spies all over. On course Egg and Dunk experience a lord’s train led by Lord Gormon Peake of Starpike, whose arms are 3 black castles on an area of orange. Also in the party are a lord named Alyn Cockshaw and also a well clothed and also richly garbed guy that declares to be a bush knight called Ser John the Fiddler. Dunk is tested and insulted by Peake and also Cockshaw but the Fiddler treats him courteously. Before they ride off, Ser John invites Dunk to go to the wedding of Lord Ambrose Butterwell. There is to be a joust to commemorate the wedding of Butterwell to a Frey of the Crossing, the victor’s reward is to be a dragon egg.

Dunk takes a dislike to Gormon Peake; Ser Arlan to whom Dunk was squired asserted his previous squire Roger of Pennytree was killed by Gormon in the Fight of the Redgrass Area. Egg informs Dunk that Peake’s arms of 3 castles on an orange field is since the Peake household used to possess three castles, yet two were forfeited to the Crown when Peake sided with Home Blackfyre.

Dunk chooses to visit the wedding. During the journey Dunk befriends 3 fellow bush knights, Ser Maynard Plumm, Ser Kyle the Pet Cat of Misty Moor and also a young hedge knight named Ser Glendon Round who claims he is the bastard son of the well-known knight Quentyn “Fireball” Round, a prominent warrior who defended Daemon Blackfyre.

The wedding celebration is set at Whitewalls and also Lord Frey shows up with his 4 years of age successor (Walder Frey) and his fifteen year old little girl, that joins Lord Butterwell. Egg tells Duncan that Lord Butterwell took no part in the Blackfyre Rebellion, yet one of his kids fought for the Red Dragon and also one for the Black. In that method his residence was assured to be on the winning side, yet both his boys died on the Redgrass area. Egg comes to be progressively suspicious at the wedding celebration and points out to Duncan that a lot of the banners as well as sigils he sees are of men who defended the Black Dragon. Dunk tells Egg that Redgrass was over a decade ago, as well as the past is the past. The Mystery Knight Audio Book Free. At the wedding celebration a troupe of dwarfs delight the visitors. During the bed linens Dunk is drafted by John the Fiddler to lug the new bride to the bedchamber. Dunk does so and also later on when he chooses a breath of air, John the Fiddler speak with him stating that he acknowledged Dunk when traveling. Dunk showed up to him in a dream where Duncan put on the all white shield of the Kingsguard. The Fiddler states his desires constantly become a reality, as he dreamt his bros dead as soon as well as a dragon hatching from an egg at Whitewalls.