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Silence Audiobook by Becca Fitzpatrick

Silence Audiobook by Becca Fitzpatrick

Silence Audiobook by Becca Fitzpatrick Free
Silence Audiobook by Becca Fitzpatrick




Prologue: 4 days after Nora is abducted by her biological father, Hank, Patch as well as Hank remain in the graveyard attempting to strike up a deal. Patch accepts spy on the dropped angels for Hank. Silence Audiobook by Becca Fitzpatrick Online. Hank concurs that after Nora is launch, Hank will certainly wipe Nora’s memories and also stay away from her. Patch likewise supplies to let Hank remove his wings if Hank launches Nora. Hank agrees to launch her at the end of the summer season …

Nora awakens in the graveyard near her daddy’s grave. She’s unsure just how she arrived or what exactly is going on. She runs into a premises keeper and he recognizes who she is. He wants to transform her in to Hank for the reward that is being supplied. Nora runs as well as recognizes that there is a void in her memory (she assumes it is April, yet it is really September). Investigative Basso locates her and takes her to the healthcare facility. After some testing, she is permitted to go house with her mommy. That evening, she discovers a warning note on her cushion, however the paper is empty when she informs her mommy about it.

Nora does the math as well as identifies that her memory loss extends back even more than her kidnapping. She speaks to her mama and also Vee regarding what occurred, however both seem to be leaving something out. She quickly discovers that her mother is dating Hank Millar, papa of her high school rival, Marcie. She is compelled to visit dinner with both of them, but there is some dramatization when Marcie and her mom show up at the same dining establishment. Marcie drags Nora to the restroom with her as well as begins telling her concerning a mutual friend, Patch. Marcie requests a pendant that Patch provided Nora. Silence Audio Book Free. Nora leaves and also begins walking in search of a payphone to call Vee for a trip house. She stops at the wrong location at the wrong time as well as sees 3 fallen angels (Gabe, Dominic and Jeremiah) trying to get a Nephil that works at a gasoline station to promise fealty. She only leaves the experience due to the fact that a guy called Jev saves her. He seems extremely familiar to her. She accidently touches his wing marks and sees his memory of an archangel trapped by Hank.

Nora goes for a drive to clear her head. She winds up on the coastline, where she runs into Scott. He starts telling her regarding what actually happened and what is presently going on. They make plans to keep in touch as well as to remove the Black Hand. Right after, Scott winds up taking her to examine a storage facility that he believes is owned by the Black Hand. They do not get any kind of information, yet they do get involved in some trouble that they narrowly escape. Scott makes a decision that he needs to avoid for some time. Nora chooses to head to the factory again, thinking nobody would believe a person to come back so soon. Again, she obtains herself into difficulty when she comes across the factory that is real estate Hank’s Nephilim employees. Jev conserves her and also determines it is time to inform her the reality. Nora realizes that Jev is Spot, yet considering that she does not remember her connection, she needs to discover her feelings on her very own, which appear very rapidly.

At institution, Nora finds that she has been chosen for Homecoming Court. She soon learns that Marcie is behind the entire system. She says that her dad asked her to be great. So Marcie supplies to take Nora outfit buying with Hank’s bank card. Nora already has her dress picked, which she is using when Spot pertains to check up on her in the dressing room. Marcie gets her a various outfit while Nora is chasing down a Nephil that swiped her purse from under the dressing room door (more than likely looking for Spot’s archangel locket).

Once more at school, Nora obtains invoked to the office. She learns from Hank that her mommy accidently fell down the stairways as well as is in the healthcare facility. Hank mind techniques Nora right into going to the health center with him. On the way, they are struck by three individuals in an El Camino. Nora believes that she listens to Hank swearing about fallen angels. She is thrown from the auto and sees hank bloodied briefly in between unconscious rounds. Silence Audio Book Download. She is soon released from the health center seeing that Hank is unscathed. He mind tricks her again into allowing him take her home. When Spot realizes that she is alone with Hank, he pertains to her. Nevertheless, their see is short-term when Hank almost finds them with each other.