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The Kept Woman Audiobook by Karin Slaughter

The Kept Woman Audiobook by Karin Slaughter

The Kept Woman Audiobook by Karin Slaughter Free
The Kept Woman Audiobook by Karin Slaughter




The Kept Woman – Extremely fitting title for this raw, abrasive, emotional monster of a read! I’ve tried to compose this testimonial several times because reviewing it as well as still can not seem to locate words to do this tale justice. It ran me with a mine area of highs and lows – at times making both my head and also heart seem like they would essentially blow up as I came through the waves of extreme emotional chaos radiating through these characters. Some, like Representative Will Trent as well as Sara Linton, find themselves as well as their connections strained and extremely nearly ruined by the intense heck tornado brought about with the reappearance of Angela (Angie) Polaski. The Kept Woman Audiobook by Karin Slaughter Free. While it is clear that she returns in a huge way in this book, I won’t go over particulars of the tale as to do so would expose spoilers that need to be seasoned initial hand by each visitor. I will claim there are some concerns addressed and some surprising discoveries as the story plays out.

Needless to say, Angie wreaks havoc on the lives of everybody she touches. Her brutally heartbreaking backstory is exposed in “real-time” as the book’s timeline swings between past as well as present. Her scary past built a young girl into a cold-hearted, uncaring, unsafe, psychotic madwoman – one hellbent on destroying anyone and also everyone that crosses her course. Angie makes use of dark keys and also half-truths like daggers, puncturing the heart of her target over and over with her harmful lies as she stalks her prey as well as leaves a bloodbath in her wake. She hasn’t a clue what love and happiness must seem like – as well as if she can not have it, she’ll make d * mn sure that Will does not either. Every time I felt also a notion of compassion for Angie, she tossed one more of her dangerous daggers – intentionally damaging lives with her savage manipulation. The deepness of this personality’s derangement is absolutely frightening at times – as is her discomfort.

Will Trent is … Will. Fans of the collection recognize what I’m discussing. It’s difficult not to respect this damaged, haunted man-of-few-words as he has a hard time to accept the suggestion that he could actually be entitled to the love and assistance of a lady like Sara Linton. He recognizes their partnership is breakable and also reliant upon him trusting her with the truth and also upon damaging the powerful, devastating, magnetic pull that Angie Polaski holds over him. For the past 30 years, he’s been there for Angie each time she returned, permitting her to adjust him, to stroll all over him, always assisting her, no doubt asked. Can he finally find the toughness to inform Angie “No” or will he enable Angie to adjust her back right into his life as well as destroy the joy he’s found with Sara? Sara learns Will hasn’t shared all his keys with her … will this be the straw that finally damages the camel’s back? Has she lastly had sufficient of this entire nightmare to call it gives up?

The Kept Woman is INTENSE – cover to cover can not stop reading intense, hyperventilating, heart stopping extreme, stay up all evening to finish analysis extreme. For me, it places up there with the last Grant Area book, Beyond Reach, in intensity as well as emotional overload. The Kept Woman Audio Book Download. The tale is visuals & raw (massaging upper body) – it made me harm as well as yearn for “even more” for these characters – all of them. The action is high, the case a mystery, the story turned and then twisted once more, the story shocking & captivating, as well as the personalities so d * mn real – dark, harmed, fallible – some stimulate hate and contempt, others like and caring. Great enhancement to the series, Karin Massacre! Thanks for one more Need to Read! A melt your house down Page Turner!