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I Am Number Four Audiobook by Pittacus Lore

I Am Number Four Audiobook by Pittacus Lore (Lorien Legacies)

I Am Number Four Audiobook by Pittacus Lore Free
I Am Number Four Audiobook by Pittacus Lore




I Am Number 4 starts as a guy and a boy rest in a remote African hut. Odd, high figures with pointed teeth burst in. They eliminate the man with a long sword “constructed from a radiating white metal not discovered on Earth.” In his last breath, the man tells the young boy to run. The kid obeys and flees through the jungle at rates around 60 miles per hour. The tall figures pursue him to a ravine. He leaps, not knowing if his superpowers are enough to carry him over. He lands the jump, but more adversaries await him on the other side. They stab him, as well as he dies.

The dead boy is Number Three, the 3rd of nine super-powerful children that were sent out to Planet concerning a years ago, after their planet, Lorien, was destroyed. I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore Download Audiobook. The strike on Lorien was unexpected. It was committed by a race of tall aliens with sharp teeth called Mogadorians, that wished to remove Lorien of its sources. In the complication of the attack, the Loric leadership took care of to send away nine children who would certainly mature to become members of the Garde, a talented group of Loric individuals honored with impressive battling capabilities. The youngsters were sent with Cêpan, grown-up bureaucrats that would certainly train them as they expanded to the age of puberty and also created their powers.

Before the kids left Lorien, an enchanting leader numbered them from one to nine as well as cast a charm that declared that they might only be killed in that order– as long as they continued to be apart. Given that the children have gotten here on Earth, they have actually resided in hiding, each with a solitary Cêpan. They are not able to contact each other for anxiety of damaging the charm. They are all super-strong and also super-fast, however they have to wait on the age of puberty prior to they establish Legacies, special powers that will certainly enable them to combat. The Mogadorians have actually sought the youngsters non-stop, intending to eliminate them off before they grow effective and sign up with pressures.

When 3 is killed, Four recognizes it instantly. Whenever one of the Loric Garde is killed, the charm that binds them draws a round mark around his ankle joint. The experience is excruciating and– even worse– lets go intense heat that is apparent to the humans around him. 4 and Henri, his Cêpan companion, promptly evacuate their residence as well as relocate away. I Am Number Four Pittacus Lore Audiobook Online. Four is just a student in secondary school, however he has moved greater than twenty times– each time he or Henri thinks the Mogadorians could have information about their location. Now the stakes are more than they have ever been before. Now that 3 is dead, Four is successor to be killed.

Henri as well as Four– that has been going by the name of Daniel for the past couple of months– melt their recognition papers and leave their home in the Florida secrets within a couple of hrs of 3’s death. Henri picks a brand-new home in Heaven, Ohio, and Four picks a new name, John Smith. He recognizes that running is necessary, however he is tired of it. He wishes he could just have a consistent residence, a few real buddies, as well as a common life. He states this to Henri, who reminds him, “This isn’t concerning you.” 4 has an obligation to maintain himself to life, to train, and also eventually to fight the Mogadorians. The 6 staying participants of the Loric Garde are the only possibility their earth has left.