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Monstrous Regiment Audiobook by Terry Pratchett

Monstrous Regiment Audiobook by Terry Pratchett

Monstrous Regiment Audiobook by Terry Pratchett Free
Monstrous Regiment Audiobook by Terry Pratchett




Borogravia is a little, backwards nation which goes to war with Zlobenia. The traditional deity of the nation is Nuggan, yet he has become increasingly psychotic and also taken to stating several unimportant points “Abominations” – including garlic, cats as well as ginger hair. Consequently, the population are losing their belief in Nuggan as well as numerous are instead beginning worship their main leader, Duchess Annagovia.

Polly Reward lays out to locate her slow-witted brother Paul after he goes away while offering in the military. Monstrous Regiment Audiobook by Terry Pratchett Download. Nugganatic law protects against women from possessing residential property, suggesting that unless Paul returns the family members bar will certainly pass to their relative (a drunk) after their daddy’s death. Ladies are also banned from serving in the army, so Polly disguises herself as a boy with the name “Oliver” in order to enlist. After she enlists, she meets Sergeant Jackrum and the patriotic Corporal Strappi. Her fellow soldiers include a vampire named Maladict, a Giant named Carborundum, and an Igor. They additionally consist of “Tonker” Halter, “Shufti” Manickle, “Wazzer” Goom, and “Lofty” Tewt.

On the night after joining, Polly hears a strange voice from someone who understands her to be a lady, yet guarantees not to inform as well as offers suggestions on the best ways to hide her sex. Over the next couple of days, Polly understands that Lofty and Shufti are both girls. As the tale proceeds, she gradually uncovers that the whole program contains women acting to be male soldiers. She additionally understands that Borogravia’s situation in the battle is hopeless.

The regiment head to the Keep where their enemies are based, on a mission to rescue Borogravian soldiers that are in their bondage. They encounter an exclusive opponent detachment that includes Zlobenia’s Prince Heinrich as well as easily take care of to beat them. As a result, the routine get promotion in the outdoors via the Ankh-Morpork Times. They also draw the rate of interest of Samuel Vimes, that is currently remaining at the Maintain.

Polly and also a lot of the rest of the regiment infiltrate the Maintain disguised as washerwomen. They manage to free the captured soldiers as well as take control of the majority of the building, however their very own forces remove them from the dispute after Polly admits that they are women. They are brought prior to a council of elderly police officers. Monstrous Regiment Audiobook Online. They have to do with be released as well as sent residence, when Jackrum shows up and exposes that a number of them are additionally ladies. During this, Wazzer comes to be had by Annagovia. The Lady is in fact dead, but due to exactly how the power of belief operates in Discworld, she has turned into a divine being. By interacting with Wazzer, she urges the generals to desert the war, return home as well as fix the country.

It is after that revealed that Jackrum is additionally a lady. The program is sent to the enemy and efficiently bargains peace. The army policies are changed to permit women to offer, while Polly discovers her bro and also they return house. At the end of guide, it is revealed that another conflict has actually broken out and Polly sneaks away from the household pub (now in her belongings) to sign up with the army and also come to be leader of a team of boy-impersonating female soldiers.