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Hope to Die Audiobook by James Patterson

Hope to Die Audiobook by James Patterson

Hope to Die Audiobook by James Patterson Free
Hope to Die Audiobook by James Patterson

In the follow up to Cross My Heart, Alex is figured out to locate Compost and also rescue his household. After Bree’s body is found, Alex’s head injury makes him a lose cannon in the very first part of guide compeling Captain Quintus to request Alex’s badge and weapon as well as suggest that Alex go to the hospital for therapy. Hope to Die by James Patterson Audiobook Stream. Alex slips away and also returns residence where he uncovers the body of a young man he thinks to be Damon.

Alex and Ava most likely to examine the Thierry Compost who apparently died as a young man, throughout his investigation Alex satisfies previous Investigator Atticus Jones, that always believed that Thierry murdered his Father as well as faked his very own fatality. Atticus’s child Gloria (that simply occurs to be a big shot TV producer) helps Alex phony the very first murder Thierry required for ransom money.

Investigator Aaliyah as well as John Sampson locate the neo-Nazi skinhead that killed both people thought to be Bree and Damon. by the time they arrive Compost has actually burned the man alive and left his Rottweiler doped up in the barn. The Rottweiler strikes Aaliyah and Sampson draws the dog off her and also restrains him with a rope (congratulations to Patterson for locating a way to save Aaliyah and the pet dog).

Alex chooses his following quit should be Damon’s college to see if he can find that Damon took a flight home with as well as Ava determines to remain with Gloria and also see if she can discover what took place to Thierry’s Mom Lydia. Hope to Die Audio Book Online. In a lucky strike for the Cross’s among Damon’s schoolmates has a picture of Acadia on his cell phone and the FBI starts tracking her down. Meanwhile Investigative Tess Aaliyah (wish we find out more concerning her in future books) has actually tracked Alex to allow him recognize the body he discovered had not been Bree’s.

The exploration is made that the two killings Marcus Sunday discussed in his book are linked to Thierry Mulch the first family members killed was Lydia’s brand-new family and the secondly was the family members of one of Compost’s classmates. Alex calls Marcus Sunday with the news and also ask if he had actually ever become aware of Thierry Compost or Acadia. Sunday rejects understanding of either individual.

Acadia being afraid that Mulch/Sunday is tiring of her makes a run for it. Mulch reaches her at her Mother’s and proceeds to feed Acadia to the alligators however the police arrive in time to quit him. Hope to Die Mulch/Sunday leaves as well as Alex is in hot search. Alex finds his household as well as the Cross household put up a fight to beat Mulch/Sunday, prior to he can carry out his strategies to kill them.