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Not That Kind of Girl Audiobook by Siobhan Vivian

Not That Kind of Girl Audiobook by Siobhan VivianĀ 

Not That Kind of Girl Audiobook by Siobhan Vivian Free
Not That Kind of Girl Audiobook by Siobhan Vivian




Natalie Sterling has actually constantly been a great lady. She gets great qualities, prides herself on being a faithful best friend, and also is also pupil council president. Not That Kind of Girl Audiobook by Siobhan Vivian Stream. Constantly practical, Natalie doesn’t understand why some women waste their time partying and obsessing over kids. Natalie understands just what’s important, and also she’s adhering to her sentences.

But when her friend good friend turns against her, and also pupil council begins to break down, Natalie finds herself leaning on somebody unexpected; Connor Hughes. Connor is a football gamer and also everything Natalie promised herself she would certainly avoid throughout senior high school. However prior to she recognizes it, Natalie locates herself creeping out of her residence in the middle of the evening as well as getting on the heat of Connor’s arms.

Good woman. Bad girl. Will Natalie determine what sort of girl she really is?

When I saw the cover of this book awhile back, I intended to read this publication. With such an opprobrious cover, I recognized this publication would definitely be appealing.

One of my favored parts of this book was how real to fact Natalie’s high school was. The detailed scenes of embellishing the institution hallways for the huge football game brought me back to senior year and also wearing all blue and also gold to applaud on the Panthers. Every little thing appeared extremely real to me right down to the silly pranks or even exactly how aggravating Mike Domski was; every college has one, right? The characters as well as their high school “stereotypes” all feel extremely real to me. Vivian most definitely nailed down high school in NOT THAT SORT OF LADY.

In the beginning glance, I thought I might associate with Natalie. In high school, I would most definitely consider myself a good woman. I obtained excellent qualities, overachieved as well as tried to remain under the social radar. Nevertheless, as I continuouslied read on, I discovered Natalie a growing number of tough to connect to. In the beginning, I entirely respected Natalie for the choices she made and also the kind of individual she opted to be. Not That Kind of Girl Audio Book Online. But when she started to press her beliefs off into Spencer, a freshman which she utilized to babysit for, I began to question Natalie. By the end of the book, I downright disliked her. She was incredibly judgmental and sanctimonious; two top qualities I didn’t appreciate in this major personality. Really stubborn, Natalie didn’t show up to grow or transform whatsoever throughout guide.

As far as additional characters go, while I believe they seemed extremely realistic in regards to high school, I really did not feel like I actually respected any one of them. Connor just seemed a bit uninteresting to me; absolutely nothing about him actually shrieked SWOON! I additionally really did not even really mind when Natalie as well as her best friend Fall were dealing with due to the fact that I never really felt linked to Fall or their friendship. As well as while I comprehend that the author was aiming to make a point by making Natalie and also Spencer polar revers, I think they both went a little too much to the extremes. Neither of them were believable to me.

Although I didn’t connect with Connor and also didn’t actually comprehend why he liked Natalie, I was still favoring he and also Natalie to have a genuine partnership; call me an enchanting. A few of the scenes in between both are H-O-T, and also I was certainly captivated waiting to figure out just what would become of the two. One point I appreciated about the scenes between Natalie and also Connor were that for just a few seconds, we saw a softer and also a lot more vulnerable side of Natalie; one I want I could have seen even more of throughout the pages.

My other concern with this book came in the direction of completion. Guide seemed to suddenly finish, wrapping up stories in neat, neat bows in an issue of pages. Among the important things I enjoyed about NOT THAT SORT OF WOMAN was the extreme problem that developed throughout the book, so when suddenly, guide was over as well as every dispute was dealt with, I really felt a bit cheated. I would have liked to have actually seen more information about Natalie and also Connor, especially since she was finally able to confess her sensations for him.