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The Highlander’s Touch Audiobook by Karen Marie Moning

The Highlander’s Touch Audiobook by Karen Marie Moning

The Highlander
The Highlander’s Touch Audiobook by Karen Marie Moning




This book sounded like an excellent idea. The Highlander’s Touch Audiobook by Karen Marie Moning Online. Besides, it’s a middle ages, a time-travel, and also it’s embeded in Scotland, three potentially excellent things, particularly to an Outlander follower like me. Sadly, the wonderful property did not execute to make A Highlander’s Touch a terrific book.

Lisa Rock’s life altered overnight when her daddy passed away; she went from leading a privileged life to functioning two work in order to sustain herself and her mother, Catherine, who is passing away of cancer. After waitressing all the time, Lisa spends her nights cleaning at a gallery. On this particular evening, there is a recently shown up artefact at the gallery– a flask that has amazing powers. When Lisa touches it, she is sent back in time 700 years.

As it turns out, this is bad information; Circenn, the immortal Laird of Brodie, has pledged to eliminate whoever appears with the flask, which he cursed in order to recover it. Currently, much to the enjoyment of those who recognize him, Circenn can’t bring himself to kill the seductive “lass” who is now in his world. He questions what will certainly occur when “the blackest fairy,” Adam Black, learns that Circenn has actually not maintained his vow. With Lisa disobeying every order he gives her, Circenn discovers himself almost wed to her, and also he ends up needing to provide her to his individuals as cousin to Robert the Bruce, who shows up in preparation for the upcoming battle.

Lisa and also Circenn share a solid physical attraction, the kind that makes them fail to remember everything once they behold the various other. Although Lisa ends up relying on Circenn, he is much slower regarding telling her the truth about himself, not just about his immortality, however the actual reason why Adam Black keeps standing out into his life. The Knights Templar make a look as well, yet the rogue knight that positions a danger to Lisa’s life seems to have been crafted exclusively to have her argue with Circenn.

One of the main issues with Circenn Brodie is that he is not the most intriguing man in guide. Nor is he especially masterful– individuals seem to do as they please around him. The Highlander’s Touch Audio Book Stream. I was much more captivated by Duncan, among Circenn’s slaves and even Adam than I was by the constantly melancholy– or perpetually excited– Circenn. He has actually lost individuals he liked via the centuries, as well as he vows not to let another woman right into his heart, which doesn’t avoid him from kissing and touching Lisa whenever he wants, normally in a leading male way.

The tragic conditions in Lisa’s life set the plot in motion, however she is specified even more by what takes place to her than by her very own personality. She is alternately spunky (when it concerns her repeated attempts to run away) and swoony (when she slaps eyes on Circenn) but at l.