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The Mystery of Hollow Places Audiobook by Rebecca Podos

The Mystery of Hollow Places Audiobook by Rebecca Podos

The Mystery of Hollow Places Audiobook by Rebecca Podos Free
The Mystery of Hollow Places Audiobook by Rebecca Podos




Rebecca Podos’ debut book, The Mystery of Hollow Places, is an appealing mystery about a woman who triggers to locate both her moms and dads– the mommy who deserted her, as well as the father who appears to have abandoned himself.

Imogene’s life has never ever been all that simple. The Mystery of Hollow Places Audiobook by Rebecca Podos Free. Her mommy, experiencing depression, left her as well as her father when she was still very little. She had tried to be an excellent mom, yet felt like she could not, so she did the only thing she might– she left. Imogene’s papa, a best selling secret author, had a tough time dealing with her leaving. While he did remarry the household specialist, Lindy, he never actually seemed to be all together pleased once more. While Imogene has a best friend, Jessa, she doesn’t really have any others, yet she is sort of friends (with a longtime crush) on Jessa’s sibling, Chad.

When Imogene’s dad disappears, leaving no clues as to where he had gone, Imogene and Lindy are entirely sad, yet they have no idea where he could have gone. Imogene depends on the old going to bed tale that her daddy utilized to tell her, in addition to some of the clues in her papa’s publications, to attempt as well as piece together ideas as well as locate him. From having Jessa aid her to burglarize the documents space in the hospital where she was birthed, to driving throughout states to try to find clues, Imogene reveals little items of her past while she seeks the daddy she enjoys. Nonetheless, she additionally starts to uncover some aspects of her mommy, and also tires to determine if her father may have looked for her, Imogene functions her way with some family members tricks as well as makes brand-new discoveries about her parents, her past, as well as what lengths she will certainly go through to find her household.

I appreciated the whole mystery element of this publication. Imogene’s character was interesting, and also I appreciated her devotion to discovering her dad, and uncovering tricks about her mother. While I hated the reality that Imogene’s mommy just upped as well as left, I really disliked her even more towards completion of guide. Imogene was actually nice though, because she cared so much concerning her parents as well as just desired her family members. Imogene’s stepmother Lindy did what she might to attempt as well as bond with Imogene, however it didn’t constantly function, because Imogene just really did not truly want to allow her in.

Imogene felt like she had to tackle the mystery of her missing father on her very own, and also it was intriguing just how she made use of some of right stuff from his publications to place things together. The Mystery of Hollow Places Audio Book Online. The story was satisfying, and it was absolutely a promising very first story from writer Rebecca Podos!

Note: I got an ARC duplicate of this book from the publisher in exchange for a truthful review.