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The Girl Who Knew Too Much Audiobook by Amanda Quick

The Girl Who Knew Too Much Audiobook by Amanda Quick

The Girl Who Knew Too Much Audiobook by Amanda Quick Free
The Girl Who Knew Too Much Audiobook by Amanda Quick




Epic writer Amanda Quick returns with her most recent romantic thriller book, The Lady Who Knew Too Much, a historic mystery set in the outskirts of Hollywood’s secret-laden motion picture nest in the 1930s.

After stumbling onto the scene of the murder of her socialite employer and benefactress, Anna Harris takes the woman’s postmortem guidance as well as runs, taking with her a notebook filled with the strange Helen Spencer’s keys, a wad of money, and also a vital blue velour bag and heads up Path 66 to California. The Girl Who Knew Too Much Audiobook by Amanda Quick Streaming. Named a suspicious within twenty-four hours of her trip, Anna understands there’s no going back to Chicago and develops herself a new identity, renaming herself Irene Glasson. She rapidly finds out that were to connected to Helen and stated in her note pad have met with unsightly ends, and so Irene has to defend her own survival, four months after coming to be a hardheaded journalist for the third-string tabloid Whispers.

Irene follows a cause a tiny hotel community near Los Angeles. Stars have a history of using Burning Cove’s extravagant environs for the function of favorable promotion and also personal privacy alike, and the concept of having a blazing brilliant limelight concentrated on its slight transgressions makes the motion picture colony and individuals who have high-stakes businesses there unbelievably skeptical. When starlet Gloria Maitland is discovered at the bottom of a pool at the Burning Cove Hotel’s health spa, Irene recognizes she’s in big trouble. She would certainly been chasing after a lead on a warm new actor, Nick Tremayne, and also Gloria was her best source; so when the scoop that is Gloria’s murder falls into her lap she locates herself with a brand-new situation and in a much more treacherous circumstance. She promptly concerns recognize that her associate, the blowsy gossip column tale Peggy Hackett, really did not drown in her own tub yet was killed strongly, including a 3rd murder to the roll call of macabre catastrophe that’s been tailing her.

Lots of individuals want to maintain Irene silent. There’s Nick, whose pretty face conceals an ugly, self-centered side– he was trying to get rid of Gloria prior to she ended up being a human swimming pool noodle. He’s identified to suppress his controversial past and also remain in the Hollywood video game regardless, with the help of his anxious aide, Claudia. After that there’s Earnest Ogden, a self-proclaimed ‘well-paid nanny’ (also known as a fixer), whose task it is to babysit individuals like Nick and keep their detractions under covers, gladly employing criminals whenever necessary to do it. The Girl Who Knew Too Much Audio Book Download. Henry Oakes, a relatively stressed stalker extraordinaire, thinks he’s predestined to share a future history with Nick– however their pasts are currently snared. Daisy Jennings, a hanger-on social climber recognizes too much about Nick’s past. And also do not neglect dad and kid contract killers Julian as well as Graham Enright, part of a long tradition of sadists for hire expanded fat on old money, who’ve gotten on Irene’s tail considering that Chicago.

But most notably there’s Oliver, a reclusive ex-magician with a developer uncle who possesses the hotel and doesn’t intend to lose his significant investment as a result of negative publicity. He quickly comes to be Irene’s greatest ally, a companion in her investigation– as well as the largest target for her enemies, that accuse the two of them of fraternization. With Oliver’s old theatricalism techniques and also Irene’s resolution, the pair are established to bring real awesome to justice. Will Irene discover the connection between Gloria, Peggy and Helen and also live to ride right into the sunset, or will she as well as Oliver meet a watery grave.