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The Fix Audiobook by David Baldacci

The Fix Audiobook by David Baldacci

The Fix Audiobook by David Baldacci Free
The Fix Audiobook by David Baldacci




Complying with the events of last year’s The Last Mile, newly-hired FBI agent Amos Decker returns for his 3rd outing in David Baldacci’s The Deal with.

Amos Decker is not your ordinary FBI representative. The Fix Audiobook by David Baldacci Online. His size is the first thing that stands apart, as Decker– a massive, hulk-like figure– still has the structure as well as body size that brought him to the NFL, where an injury finished his having fun days.

The career-ending injury he endured, however, created some unusual side effects. The grinding helmet-to-helmet impact induced both hyperthymesia and also synesthesia, expensive words that imply Decker can not neglect anything, ever. Oh, and also it’s transformed the way he sees colors.

After a job as a police investigative, a very individual instance he dealt with caught the eye of some people that made Decker a deal to utilize his special abilities and capabilities to resolve chilly cases for the FBI as part of a newly-formed special task force. He approved the work and tackled his first case in The Last Mile, yet this moment he’s thrust right into a murder examination that also he can not see any type of factor or intention for.

While strolling down the sidewalk towards the FBI headquarters, Decker chose against picking up a breakfast burrito and occurred to return his stare ahead in the nick of time to see a guy draw a compact Beretta from his pocket as well as shoot a female in the rear of her head. Pulling his very own weapon, Decker runs ahead but is not able to do anything other than watch helplessly as the gunman turns his tool on himself and also shoots one final time.

The shooter was at some point recognized as Walter Dabney, a former worker of the NSA that has actually because been working as a specialist with numerous government agencies, consisting of the FBI. Nevertheless, Decker and also his group are not able to discover any web link between Dabney and also the victim, Anne Meredith Berkshire, a replacement teacher who lived alone and also had no close member of the family. An early working concept is that Dabney, that they confirmed was arranged for a meeting inside the Hoover Building that early morning, went off the deep end and made a decision to take an arbitrary individual down with him.

Decker pokes various openings in the initial concept as well as starts searching for additional answers through his own one-of-a-kind techniques. The Fix Audio Book Free. At the top of his list of unanswered inquiries is how a woman that earns a living as a substitute teacher has the ability to reside in a three million dollar apartment as well as drive a brand-new Mercedes. Extra concerns appear when the team digs into Berkshire’s background and battle to discover anything on her beyond the last decade.

Just as the investigation warms up, Harper Brown, a no-nonsense DIA representative, demands a conference with Decker as well as his boss, where she notifies them that the murder belongs to a recurring examination by the Defense Intelligence Agency and that they no longer require to spend any resources attempting to fix the situation themselves.

When pressed, Brown claims that the murder is now a matter of national safety and security, entailing a situation that could be bigger than 9/11.

Forgetting about a situation and also going on isn’t what Decker does. In fact, it’s difficult for him. So, disregarding Brown’s orders, Decker as well as his group maintain functioning the case and also at some point discover an enormous conspiracy that swiftly ends up being much larger than anything Amos Decker has taken on in the past.