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The Alchemist Audiobook by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist Audiobook by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist Audiobook by Paulo Coelho Free
The Alchemist Audiobook by Paulo Coelho




A recurring dream troubles Santiago, a young as well as adventurous Andalusian guard. He has the desire every time he sleeps under a sycamore tree that grows out of the damages of a church. The Alchemist Audiobook by Paulo Coelho Stream. Throughout the dream, a child informs him to seek prize at the foot of the Egyptian pyramids. Santiago seeks advice from a gypsy woman to interpret the dream, as well as to his shock she informs him to visit Egypt. An unusual, wonderful old man named Melchizedek, that declares to be the King of Salem, mirrors the gypsy’s advice and also informs Santiago that it is his Personal Legend to trip to the pyramids. Melchizedek convinces Santiago to offer his flock and also set off to Tangier. When Santiago gets here in Tangier, a burglar robs him, requiring him to find deal with a neighborhood crystal merchant. The conventional as well as kindly vendor instructs Santiago several lessons, and Santiago urges the vendor to take risks with his service. The risks repay, as well as Santiago comes to be a rich man in simply a year.

Santiago decides to cash in his profits as well as proceed seeking his Personal Legend: to discover treasure at the pyramids. He joins a campers crossing the Sahara desert towards Egypt as well as meets an Englishman who is studying to come to be a sorcerer. He learns a whole lot from the Englishman during the trip. For one, he finds out that the secret of alchemy is created on a rock called the Emerald green Tablet computer. The supreme production of alchemy is the Master Work, which contains a strong called the Philosophers Stone that can turn result in gold, as well as a fluid called the Elixir of Life that can heal all ills. Santiago finds out the Englishman is taking a trip with the caravan to the Saharan sanctuary of Al-Fayoum, where a powerful, 200-year-old sorcerer stays. The Englishman plans to ask the sorcerer the trick of his trade.

As it turns out, the campers has to make an extended stop in Al-Fayoum to avoid significantly terrible tribal wars taking place in the desert. There, Santiago falls for Fatima, who lives at the oasis. Throughout a stroll in the desert, Santiago witnesses a prophecy that portends an attack on the historically neutral sanctuary. He advises the tribal chieftains of the strike, and because of this, Al-Fayoum successfully defends itself versus the assault. The sorcerer gets word of Santiago’s vision as well as welcomes Santiago on a trip right into the desert, during which he teaches Santiago about the importance of paying attention to his heart as well as pursuing his Individual Tale. He convinces Santiago to leave Fatima as well as the caravan for the time to complete his trip to the pyramids, and he offers to come with Santiago on the next leg of his journey.

While the alchemist and also Santiago continue through the desert, the sorcerer shares much of his knowledge concerning the Heart of the Globe. They are plain days away from the pyramids when a people of Arab soldiers captures them. For his life and also the life of Santiago, the alchemist hands over to the tribe every one of Santiago’s loan as well as tells the soldiers that Santiago is an effective alchemist who will turn into wind within three days. Santiago feels alarmed because he has no idea how to turn into the wind, as well as over the following 3 days he considers the desert. On the third day, he interacts with the wind and the sunlight as well as coaxes them to assist him create a tremendous sandstorm. He prays to the Hand That Composed All, as well as at the height of the storm he disappears. He comes back beyond of the camp, and also the tribesmen, blown away by the power of the tornado and by Santiago’s ability, let him and the alchemist go free.

The alchemist continues to take a trip with Santiago as for a Coptic monastery several hours from the pyramids. There, he demonstrates to Santiago his capability to turn introduce gold using the Theorist’s Stone. He provides Santiago gold and also sends him off. Santiago starts digging for the prize at the foot of the pyramids, but two guys confront him and beat him. When Santiago talks with them about his dream vision, they choose he has to have no cash and also let him live. Prior to leaving, among the men attempts to highlight the unimportance of dreams by telling Santiago about his own dream. It worries a prize buried in an abandoned church in Spain where a sycamore tree grows. The church is the same one in which Santiago had his original dream, as well as he lastly understands where his treasure is. The Alchemist Audio Book Free. He goes back to Spain to discover a chest of gems and gold hidden under the tree, and intends to return with it to Al-Fayoum, where he will reunite with Fatima, who awaits him.