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Kiss of the Highlander Audiobook by Karen Marie Moning

Kiss of the Highlander Audiobook by Karen Marie Moning

Kiss of the Highlander Audiobook by Karen Marie Moning Free
Kiss of the Highlander Audiobook by Karen Marie Moning




Establish during a period that evokes impregnable castles, kilted warriors, as well as sturdy mountains, Kiss of the Highlander is actually a charming romance with just a sprinkling of ambience. Kiss of the Highlander Audiobook by Karen Marie Moning Streaming. Karen Marie Moning’s most current job is the outermost point from an excellent, cathartic epic. I nearly feel guilty for enjoying it.

Throughout a journey to Scotland, Gwen Cassidy, neurotic prodigy and 25-year-old virgin, accidentally falls under an underground cavern and locates herself straddling a guy that seems asleep. For a number of minutes she ogles the rippling pectorals, long black hair, as well as striking face. Somehow she breaks the 500-year-old Sleeping Beauty-style spell on Highland laird Drustan MacKeltar, bringing him to instant wakefulness and also– to her mortified joy– immediate desire.

Soon after he understands that he’s in the 21st century, Drustan gets Gwen’s assistance in going back to the past to conserve his doomed clan. What’s rejuvenating regarding this publication is that the time-travel aspect isn’t just a prop to place a modern-thinking personality in a dramatic historical setting. Moning in fact makes up the implications of fiddling with time, bringing the reader into entertaining literary terrain.

You see, Drustan, whose ancestors were Druids as well as whose family is considered the clan’s “caretakers of understanding,” dedicates an error in the Druid routine he carries out, plunging them right into a period when his previous self exists. Since “the textile of the universe would not experience 2 similar selves in a solitary minute,” his future self is cancelled out. He vanishes before Gwen’s eyes, leaving her stranded in 1518. Thus Gwen understands that she needs to look for Drustan’s previous self and also encourage him that his clan faces unavoidable threats … which oh, by the way, she is the woman he will fall for five centuries in the future.

Sadly, she locates the “previous” Drustan disbelieving and also figured out to wage his engagement to an additional lady. Kiss of the Highlander sags right here a little a little since Gwen spends even more time attracting him than really “conserving” his clan.

The book is more of a sex-related romp than the grand legend you ‘d possibly anticipate of a Scottish time-travel, a sub-genre indelibly exhibited by Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander (a traditional work against which all Scottish time-travels are condemned to be measured). Kiss of the Highlander Audio Book Free. In Moning’s globe, there are no sweeping trips, no terrific wars, and no weepy get-togethers. Yet those dealing with Outlander withdrawal might locate it a welcome adjustment from Gabaldon’s exhaustive descriptions of the plants and also animals in Scotland, her characters’ commonly agonizing pasts, and the hazard of immediate threat constantly looming over them. By comparison, Kiss of the Highlander has a comfortingly laid-back tone and also enough love scenes to please those that can’t stand long splittings up between the hero and also heroine.

Drustan and also Gwen hit it off enormously in the 21st century. Their encounter in the clothing room of a sporting goods shop is one of one of the most eye-poppingly warm scenes outside of erotica, which’s simply a near-miss. However although their preliminary tourist attraction is totally physical, they come to acknowledge lots of shared peculiarities: she’s a physics major that as soon as uncovered– and also wiped out– a formula that might ruin the globe; he descends from a Druid family tree tasked to protect ancient knowledge as well as safeguard deep space.

Guide has its problems. Gwen awakens Drustan a practical three days far from the autumnal equinox, when a bridge to the fourth dimension is supposed to open. Thousands of points might have gone wrong yet really did not, causing a ruthlessly contrived satisfied closing. A lot of glaringly, the hero floats close to the stereotype that matches Moning’s description of him. While there’s nothing wrong with a mythically beautiful hero, you do expect something to identify him from those various other semi-naked pieces with Fabio’s face.