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Fire Ice Audiobook by Clive Cussler

Fire Ice Audiobook by Clive Cussler

Fire Ice Audiobook by Clive Cussler Free
Fire Ice Audiobook by Clive Cussler




In the Black Sea, Kurt Austin as well as the NUMA team uncover a deserted submarine base commandeered by a mining tycoon who declares Romanov origins. Fire Ice Audiobook by Clive Cussler Online. Backed by his incredible wide range, the mogul has declared himself Czar of Russia. He is identified to overthrow the already shaky Russian government– and he has a terrifying shock in store for the Americans that will guarantee they don’t interfere. However standing in his means are Kurt Austin and the NUMA team.
The NUMA study vessel Argo remains in the Black Sea for a Public Relations tour when Austin identifies the overdue TV crew being ferreted out an island beach by mounted Cossacks. Austin picks up from his old KGB Cold War opponent Vladimir Petrov that the island is a mothballed submarine base commandeered by paranoid mobster Mikhail Razov (employer of the Cossacks), a billionaire who built Ataman Industries by taking over utilities and mines offered by the state. Razov declares descent from the Romanovs and is plotting to think the throne. At the same time, when a UNITED STATE Navy below goes missing as well as a mysterious tidal bore swamps a Maine coastal community, the NUMA team figures out that Ataman is mining “fire ice” unpredictable and explosive strong methane in the high-pressure deep-sea bottom. Austin and also his oceanographic team join forces with Petrov as well as set out to hinder Razov’s story.
Cussler remains in top type below, working in a function for Old Ironsides and also Czar Nicholas II’s crown while including enough derring-do as well as eco-lore to leave his fans breathless. Coauthor Kemprecos (Blue Gold, with Cussler) adds his oceanographic know-how to the mix.
Filled with all the hair-raising action and also limitless imagination that are Cussler’s characteristics. Fire ice is a dazzling thriller from the past master of adventure fiction.”
Kurt Austin is Head of the United States National Underwater and Marine Agency’s (NUMA) Unique Jobs Group– a task that guarantees he is no stranger to risk above or below the waves.
Austin’s jobs take him around the world and regularly bring him into conflict with those that seek to utilize any type of and all suggests to manipulate the world’s sources. However as a professional guy of action, Austin is established that it will certainly never happen on his watch.

Adhering to trade paperback originals Serpent (1999) and Blue Gold (2001 ), this 3rd dual-authored unique “from the NUMA Records” jumps to hardcover status. Dirk Pitt, the hero of all previous National Underwater & Marine Agency novels, has actually been replaced by Kurt Austin and also talkative companion Joe Zavala for the coauthored sub-series, which has actually also confirmed an incredible rise in Cussler’s command of the English language (perhaps borrowed from Kemprecos). Fire Ice, nonetheless, is as jump-plotted as well as improbable as top-grade Cussler. Fire Ice Audio Book Free. As ever before, he opens long ago, this moment in Odessa with the Romanov children leaving the rebels by watercraft. Now, megalomaniac billionaire mining magnate Mikhail Razov, declaring Romanov descent, has actually declared himself Czar of Russia. Meanwhile, three manufactured tsunamis wipe out a Maine harbor, a research sub is hijacked in the Aegean, and a plane crash in the Black Sea provides Kaela Dorn, filming a show for Amazing Mysteries, right into Kurt Austin’s defense aboard his NUMA study vessel. All this activates treasure Razov intends to recover in his takeover of Russia. The United States is dead-set versus Razov’s action, but he doesn’t mind: he has plenty much more tsunamis up his sleeve.