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Black Lies Matter Audiobook by Taleeb Starkes

Black Lies Matter Audiobook by Taleeb Starkes

Black Lies Matter Audiobook by Taleeb Starkes Free
Black Lies Matter Audiobook by Taleeb Starkes




Once more, Taleeb Starkes tells it like it is– and also if that suggests being “politically wrong,” well, regrettable!!!

Starkes is among the really couple of voices I recognize of that talk the fact– even if the truth is unsightly, even if the truth makes his “very own individuals” look poor, even if the fact harms.

The truth is that this nation has actually sprouted a large, parasitical, as well as damaging “race grievance sector” that feeds upon racial divisiveness as well as disgust– or the appearance thereof. A white police officer fires a black suspect (i.e., “target”)?– Oh, my, that’s RACISM !!! However what takes place when a black cop shoots a white suspect, or when a black police officer shoots a black suspect?

Oh … emergency room … well … absolutely nothing!

Thousands upon thousands of blacks are eliminated each year, and also guess what?– The huge majority of them are killed by other blacks, NOT by whites. Black Lies Matter Audiobook by Taleeb Starkes Stream. However … oh, well, that isn’t information, since it can not possibly be considered “bigotry”– so the information media ignore it.

But let ONE black guy be fired by white polices, which’s immediately INFORMATION with a resources “N,” since that enables everyone in the video game, from Al Sharpton and also Jesse Jackson on down, to play the “race card,” fling about accusations of “racism,” and also incite objections, demonstrations, as well as troubles.

So what’s with Jesse Jackson as well as Al Sharpton? Well, they have a genuine vested interest in “racism,” since both of them have actually been living off it for decades. Did you understand that Jesse Jackson has never ever had a “real” work in his whole life? His entire occupation has included playing “the race game” in one ability or an additional. Al Sharpton did have a “real” job– really briefly– as the road supervisor for James Brown– yet or else, he also has made his living off playing “the race game.” Oh, as well as incidentally– did you understand that he’s not also an actual “reverend”? He was ordained by the Pentecostal Church at the ripe aging of 10– lengthy before he can ever before have attended a seminary or acquired a real spiritual education. “Reverend” Sharpton, ho-ho!!!

If bigotry and all traces of it vanished from our culture today, both Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be standing in the joblessness line tomorrow, searching for whatever job they can get. Distributing fliers for the neighborhood SPCA, perhaps.

And then there are the news media, which grow on “controversy,” whether real or imaginary. Allow 10,000 pupils at a college hold a “unity conference” reviewing how racial relations have actually enhanced over the last few decades, and also the media will ignore it– due to the fact that unity as well as harmony do not get headings or market papers. Oh, yet allow 1,000 misfits and also malcontents throw a “demo”– or better yet, a riot– over some affirmed “injustice,” and the nws media are around it! Strife and also dispute, after all, get headings and also offer documents and get on-line clicks!

Taleeb Starkes sets all of it out in this publication– and also although it’s a very honest publication, it’s also very dismal, because it demonstrates that nothing is mosting likely to alter anytime soon. The forces that drive the “race complaint market” are huge and powerful, as well as they’re not going to disappear overnight … or any time within the foreseeable future.

Nonetheless, there is some “push-back,” and although it is still little and also weak– and politically inaccurate– it is expanding. More and more individuals are becoming fed up with the artificial divisiveness advertised by the “race grievance market.” An increasing number of whites are coming to be tired of being criticized for every bad thing that takes place to black people– as well as more and more blacks are ending up being fed up with being constantly cast as “sufferers.”.

An additional great book by the black contrarian Mr. Taleeb Starkes. His blunt and direct critique of the prejudiced and also opportunistic side of blackness that is promoting universal victimhood over league frantically needs more voices like his. I lend my power to this cause and I anticipate eventually beating this and also various other poisonous substances we have contaminating our race issue consciousness in America.

Fantastic publication by an ethical man that just details the realities as they are about the race grievance market, race hustlers, and black-on-black criminal activity that rejects to be addressed by liberal, deceitful, race baiting companies. Black Lies Matter Audio Book Online. Truths described and also comprehensive. Al Sharpton and business do no solution to assist the black community by declining to fight the real issues. Why? Due to the fact that they are not politically prudent. Thanks, Mr. Starkes!