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Attack of the Clones Audiobook by R. A. Salvatore

Attack of the Clones Audiobook by R. A. Salvatore

Attack of the Clones Audiobook by R. A. Salvatore Free
Attack of the Clones Audiobook by R. A. Salvatore




Jedi Anakin Skywalker is currently 19 years old as well as still Obi-Wan Kenobi’s padawan. He has found out a lot under Obi-Wan’s tutelage but often resents his master’s tight restrictions and endless criticism. Attack of the Clones Audiobook by R. A. Salvatore Online. Considering Anakin to be restless and also careless, Obi-Wan is in some cases buying and also condescending in the direction of his young apprentice, although he loves him like a brother.

Throughout the galaxy, a separatist motion led by Matter Dooku, a previous Jedi Knight, is expanding. A number of thousand planetary systems have actually threatened to withdraw from the Republic, and also Jedi Knights are overwhelmed maintaining tranquility and order. Legislator Amidala (Padme), the previous Queen of Naboo, has actually shown up on Coruscant to elect on the concern of developing a Republic army to help the Jedi. An assassination effort is made on her life, eliminating her decoy. Padme resists any type of unique security, however when Obi-Wan and Anakin are assigned as her bodyguards, she’s pleased to see her old good friends.

After a 2nd murder effort on Padme, Obi-Wan and Anakin chase and also catch the assassin, but she’s eliminated by a harmful dart before they could question her. Obi-Wan visits his old friend, Dex and reveals him the dart. Dex informs him it originates from Kamino, a world of cloners. Obi-Wan consults the Jedi star system databank for Kamino’s coordinates but all referral to it has actually been eliminated. Yoda as well as Obi-Wan identify a gravitational anomaly in the celebrity map as well as establish it needs to be Kamino’s location. Recognizing that only a Jedi might remove info from the archives, they could only question who as well as why.

Anakin is given his very first Jedi project. He is to shield and companion Padme to Naboo where she’ll be more secure. Jar Binks is designated as her representative in the senate. Obi-Wan informs Master Yoda as well as Mace Windu that Anakin isn’t really ready for the project as well as has actually expanded big-headed, yet they insist. Mindful that Anakin could be the Chosen One predestined to return balance to the Force, they consider his situation thoroughly. Conflicted as well as upset, Anakin really feels Obi-Wan has actually held him back and also discovers compassion and also motivation from Chancellor Palpatine who flatters him as being the most talented Jedi he’s ever before seen.

Obi-Wan discovers a significant clone manufacturing facility on Kamino. The Kaminoins comfortably invite the Jedi incorrectly thinking he’s concerned examine the development of the duplicate military they say is for the Republic. Obi-Wan learns the clones were purchased by Sifo-Dyas, a Master Jedi Knight eliminated ten years earlier. (Sifo-Dyas, a dissatisfied Jedi, was manipulated by a Sith Lord as well as put the order on the Sith’s behalf. He was after that killed.) Fugitive hunter Jango Fett was employed as the DNA benefactor. As part of his payment, he was offered an unaltered duplicate ‘kid,’ he named Boba. Obi-Wan asks if Jango knew Sifo-Dyas, yet he states somebody called Tyranus hired him. Obi-Wan transmits a message to Yoda and also Mace Windu reporting on the clone army which Jango is the assassin they are searching for. Callous the army’s existence, Yoda and Mace-Windu know the Jedi’s power to make use of the Force has actually lessened. Obi-Wan attempts to record Jango, however he and also Boba getaway. Prior to they remove, Obi-Wan affixes a tracking device to the ship’s hull. He adheres to Jango to the world Geonosis and discovers the Separatists are constructing a substantial droid military there.

On Naboo, Anakin and also Padme are alone with each other for the first time. Anakin’s loved Padme since they met 10 years before, but she only sees the little child she as soon as knew. Gradually her sensations grow, but she’s unwilling for Anakin to risk his future as a Jedi. Just recently, Anakin has actually experienced disturbing dreams concerning his mother. Attack of the Clones Audio Book Stream. Figured out to find her, Anakin mosts likely to Tatooine. Padme accompanies him. Looking for his former master, Anakin learns his mom, Shmi was marketed to farmer Cliegg Lars that released as well as wed her. At the Lars’ ranch, Anakin learns Shmi was recorded by Tusken Raiders a month in the past as well as is thought dead. He locates the Tusken’s camp, yet Shmi is barely to life. Just briefly can she consider her son and speak a few words prior to she dies. Driven by pain and craze Anakin slaughters the Tuskens, including the ladies and also youngsters. From afar, Yoda senses a deep disturbance in the Force.