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Anatomy of a Misfit Audiobook by Andrea Portes

Anatomy of a Misfit Audiobook by Andrea Portes

Anatomy of a Misfit Audiobook by Andrea Portes Free
Anatomy of a Misfit Audiobook by Andrea Portes




Fifteen-year-old Anika Dragomir throws her arms around us and also attracts us in from the very start of Andrea Portes’s “Anatomy of a Misfit”: “You’re never gon na think what took place,” she reveals.

A loved one loner– the youngest of five in her blended family, and “the one that everyone has chosen is psychologically insane”– Anika has just 2 actual friends (and also one of those is her mommy) although she’s the third-most-popular woman in her high school. Anatomy of a Misfit Audiobook by Andrea Portes Online. However she recognizes just how to appeal us. Her droll, intimate, frequently laugh-out-loud amusing narrative carries the visitor through more than 300 web pages of a meandering plot. “Our residence type of resemble a Pizza Hut, if you wan na know the fact,” she states at one factor. “You may also simply drive up and also order breadsticks.” Anika’s gaining voice might just be the celebrity of Portes’s very first young adult book.

Anika is blonde as well as blue-eyed, yet do not let her “apple pie” looks fool you: Inside, she’s “crawler soup,” a half-Romanian girl in white-bread Lincoln, Neb. She’s a master manipulator playing a straight-A student. She slips Valium to her “jerkface” employer at the Bunza Hut, the fast-food joint where she clocks after-school as well as weekend break changes and also steals from the cash register, urging Shelli, her na├»ve associate, friend and also the school’s second-most-popular girl, to do the exact same. She slips out of her second-floor bed room to fulfill rebel-without-a-social-status Logan McDonough. Anatomy of a Misfit Audio Book Free. And also she recognizes specifically just how to massage therapy the vanity of “pure unadulterated wickedness” Becky Vilhauer, the queen bee of Extra pound Secondary school, in order to keep the peace. Anika comprehends that her place as No. 3 is enviable, as well as although it’s all ridiculous– we know it, as well as she does too– she can not help it: She still cares.

Here’s the trouble with Logan: He utilized to be a big dork, so Becky does not approve of him. However over the summertime he shed 20 pounds as well as came roaring back to school on a Vespa, that makes him, in Anika’s eyes, the most popular loser around. “Logan has actually most likely created like 5 plays privately that are certainly dazzling but no person will know due to the fact that they’re simply sitting there in his Trapper Caretaker,” she determines. The two start a forbidden yet austere romance, with Logan whisking Anika away on his moped late in the evening, taking her to one of his property magnate daddy’s model residences, where they consume alcohol beer before a fire place and rely on each other regarding their family members dramas. His outsize enchanting motions– setting off the fire alarm so he can load her art class with butterflies, leaving a gold pendant etched with her name on her front steps– both excite and scare Anika.