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The Gods of Guilt Audiobook by Michael Connelly

The Gods of Guilt Audiobook by Michael Connelly

The Gods of Guilt Audiobook by Michael Connelly Free
The Gods of Guilt Audiobook by Michael Connelly

The Gods of Shame is the 6th story by Michael Connelly including legal representative Mickey Haller. In this novel, Mickey is hired by a digital pander to defend him in the murder of a woman of the street. The Gods of Guilt Audiobook by Michael Connelly Online. Mickey finds that the prostitute is a previous client, a lady he suched as and also attempted several times to aid. Because of this and because he honestly believes his customer is innocent, Mickey takes on 2 dirty police officers in a situation that will certainly have long reaching repercussions for Mickey as well as his associates. The Gods of Shame is a lawful thriller that will leave the visitor out of breath with the final sentence.

Mickey Haller is still reeling from his daughter’s choice to reduce herself out of his life as a direct outcome of the fact that a client he left prison was accountable for the fatality of a mommy as well as child that were popular at his little girl’s school. To distract himself, Mickey tosses himself into his work, which includes a brand-new situation in which a digital pander is charged of eliminating one of his woman of the streets. Mickey is thrilled to have a paying customer. Nevertheless, when he discovers the target is a previous client as well as pal, he starts to wonder if there is more to the case than what he can see.

Mickey returns over the cases he dealt with for the prostitute as well as keeps in mind a bargain he made for her on her last arrest. This deal caused the sentence of a Mexican cartel drug dealer. When Mickey finds that this pusher had actually lately begun a brand-new allure right into his instance that relates to the bargain Mickey produced the prostitute, he wonders if one has something to do with the other. When Mickey is subpoenaed because situation in addition to a woman of the street that once dealt with his former customer, he chooses to speak with the dope dealer himself.

Mickey drives to the federal penitentiary and finds out that the dope dealer believes that Mickey’s previous client grew a weapon in his hotel area that resulted in him getting a life sentence. The dealership believes a DEA agent called Marco had the woman of the street established him up. As Mickey leaves the jail his automobile is rammed as well as forced off the roadway, eliminating his vehicle driver and almost killing him.

A month later on, the trial for the digital pander has actually begun. Mickey waits up until the prosecution has actually offered their instance to provide his opening argument as well as existing his case. Mickey concentrates on the connection between this situation and also the drug dealer’s situation. Mickey brings in several witnesses who aid him make the links, allowing him to eventually call a previous LAPD investigator called Lankford. The Gods of Guilt Audio Book Stream. When Mickey begins his evaluation of Lankford, he finds that a tape he has revealed Lankford in secret showing Lankford and Marco establishing a prospective witness has actually urged Lankford to come clean. Lankford confesses to following the prostitute home the evening she died as well as sending out a text of her address to Marco. Lankford additionally confesses that he believes Marco eliminated the prostitute. After finishing his testimony, Lankford eliminates himself on the stand.

Mickey’s client is released and also wins a claim versus the city that asserted it was their mistake he was stabbed in custody throughout his trial. Marco vanishes, however Mickey gets a confidential video clip that reveals a dead man hanging in an anonymous place, leaving him with the impression that the Mexican cartel got revenge on Marco.