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Star Wars I – The Phantom Menace Audiobook by Ewan McGregor

Star Wars I – The Phantom Menace Audiobook by Ewan McGregor

Star Wars I - The Phantom Menace Audiobook by Ewan McGregor Free
Star Wars I – The Phantom Menace Audiobook by Ewan McGregor




Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn and also his pupil, Obi-Wan Kenobi are sent off to the world Naboo to work out a disagreement in between the Profession Federation and also Queen Amadala (Padme). Star Wars I – The Phantom Menace Audiobook by Ewan McGregor Online. The Federation has blockaded Naboo to require them right into signing an unfavorable trade agreement. Unknown to the galactic senate, the Federation has actually created an alliance with Darth Sidious, a Sith Lord. The Siths are previous Jedis who succumbed to the Force’s dark side, although their order is believed to be long extinct.

Before settlements start, the viceroy attempts to assassinate Qui-Gon as well as Obi-Wan, yet both Jedi escape to the planet surface. They have actually discovered a droid intrusion military concealed aboard the Federation ship. With the help of Container Binks, a castaway gungan (aquatic-living animals), they make their way to Queen Amadala’s royal residence in Theed. To stay clear of signing the treaty, Amidala escapes with Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan as well as Jar Container Binks as well as go to Coruscant, the stellar seat of government. Amidala plans to offer her instance to the stellar senate. En route, they draw away to the desert earth Tatooine for repair work to their harmed ship. At a salvage store, Qui-Gon, Padme (Amadala), as well as Container Jar satisfy Anakin Skywalker, a young slave kid. Watto, Anakin’s master, refuses to offer the part Qui-Gon requires for Republic credit histories, and also Qui-Gon needs to in some way raise money. As an abrupt desert storm strategies, Anakin uses the team refuge at his home. Qui-Gon finds Anakin possesses untaught Jedi capabilities and also believes he may be the Chosen One destined to return balance to the Force. He’s further persuaded when Anakin’s mother, Shmi, states Anakin was developed without a natural father.

In order to help Qui-Gon obtain the component for the spaceship, Anakin supplies to enter his own racer in an unsafe skin race. Qui-Gon bets Watto the Queen’s rocket ship and also the entire champion’s handbag against the component for the ship and Anakin’s liberty. Greedy Watto approves the wager specific that Anakin will shed. Anakin wins as well as Watto reluctantly frees him. Wanting a much better life for her kid, Shmi permits Anakin to leave with Qui-Gon to become a Jedi.

Qui-Gon and also Obi-Wan are uninformed they have actually been tracked to Tatooine by Darth Maul, a Sith Lord and also Darth Sidious’ pupil. Maul strikes the group as they will remove, however they get away. On Coruscant, Qui-Gon reports the reemergence of the Siths to a doubtful Jedi Council. The council rejects Qui-Gon’s request to train Anakin as a Jedi, asserting he’s also old, but Master Yoda has actually picked up something hazardous in him. Defiant, Qui-Gon claims Anakin will certainly be his padawan (pupil) with or without the council’s approval.

Queen Amadala offers her situation to the us senate. Senator Palpatine convinces her that Supreme Chancellor Valorian is a weak as well as ineffective leader. As a matter of fact, Valorian is attempting to assist Amidala however is obstructed by a bureaucratic and significantly corrupt us senate. Star Wars I – The Phantom Menace Audiobook Stream Free. Advised by Palpatine, Amadala requires a vote of no self-confidence against Valorian, and he is removed from office. Palpatine is chosen to change him. Discouraged by the Us senate’s passivity, Amidala goes back to Naboo accompanied by Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Jar Container.