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Cash Landing Audiobook by James Grippando

Cash Landing Audiobook by James Grippando

Cash Landing Audiobook by James Grippando Free
Cash Landing Audiobook by James Grippando




Every week, a hundred million bucks in cash money reaches Miami International Flight terminal, delivered by German financial institutions to the Federal Book. Cash Landing Audiobook by James Grippando Online. A select team of trusted employees relocates the bags via Personalizeds and tons them into armored trucks.

Ruban Betancourt has actually constantly played by the policies. Yet the financial institution taking his residence and his restaurant service going bust has driven him over the edge. He and his spouse be worthy of greater than life has handed them, as well as he’s developed a cheeky plan to get it. With the help of an airport terminal insider, he, his coke-head brother-in-law, Jeffrey, and 2 outlaws stun the guards filling the armored trucks and also speed off with $7.4 million in the bed of a pickup truck.

Investigating the break-in, FBI representative Andie Henning, freshly moved to Miami from Seattle, understands the very best means to capture the thieves is to adhere to the cash. Jeffrey’s medication addiction is as conspicuous as the Rolex watches he buys for professional dancers at the Gold Rush strip club. One of the ex-cons, Pinky Perez, makes no secret of his plan to have a swinger’s club– which will permit him carte blanche with his patrons’ better halves. Sensible Ruban is frantically trying to lay low and hold things together.

But Representative Henning isn’t the just one on their route, as well as in the mob-meets-Miami style, these unintentional burglars unexpectedly find themselves way in over their heads … and sinking quickly.

The 1978 JFK– Lufthansa break-in fictionalized in the movie GoodFellas set the gold requirement for swag, however a not likely trio in Miami has defeated that record. Without breaking a sweat, Ruban Betancourt, his softie brother-in-law Jeffrey Beauchamp, as well as Jeffrey’s uncle Craig “Pinky” Perez have actually lifted $9.5 million from an additional unfortunate Lufthansa flight. “Too easy,” Ruban mirrors apprehensively. Also true, because the burglars’ difficulties are just beginning. Pinky and also Jeffrey chafe under Ruban’s demand that they hide their shares of the loot rather than spreading it around; Jeffrey instantly begins to blow his take on drug, lap dances, as well as Rolexes he provides to hookers; as well as Ruban’s objection to inform his spouse, Savannah, that he stole a great deal of loan ties him in a considerably tighter collection of knots. The primary trouble, however, is that every individual the 3 connect to, from the dreadlocked Cuban Ruban employs to frighten Jeffrey into maintaining a lower profile to the pole dancer that betrays Jeffrey to a gang of abductors, is much less thinking about keeping the bonds of true friendship or honoring verbal agreements than in obtaining a piece of the action themselves. Cash Landing Audio Book Free. The climactic dishonesty comes when Edith Baird, the mom of Ruban’s ex-girlfriend, takes $200,000 to offer Ruban guardianship of their daughter and after that turns around to sell him out to FBI Andie Henning (Black Perspective, 2014, etc.) for an also bigger benefit– but there’s still half the tale to run, none of the continuing to be relocations either original or edifying.