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The Blood of Olympus Audiobook by Rick Riordan

The Heroes of Olympus Audiobook by Rick Riordan (Book Five The Blood of Olympus)

The Heroes of Olympus Audiobook by Rick Riordan Free
The Heroes of Olympus Audiobook by Rick Riordan

American author Rick Riordan’s The Blood of Olympus is the final installation of his five-part The Heroes of Olympus series. The Blood of Olympus¬†Audiobook by Rick Riordan Stream. The young person novel was launched in 2014 and also tells of the final ventures of the seven demigods of the Prophecy of 7 in their mission to beat Gaea, the Planet Mother. The seven are: Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Jason Elegance, Leo Valdez, Piper McLean, Hazel Levesque, and also Frank Zhang. On the other hand, Nico di Angelo, Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano, and Coach Gleeson Hedge are aiming to bring the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood to head off a war in between Roman and also Greek demigods.

As the tale opens up Jason, Piper, and Annabeth are searching for out Gaea’s plans. At the end of publication four in the series, Gaea stired up while the heroes took the Athena Parthenos from the home of Arachne. Discovering that a large conference of Gaea’s servants looms imminent, Annabeth, Jason, and Piper start to surreptitiously consider things. Using Hazel’s Haze to camouflage themselves, the trio participates in the gathering of resurrected souls in Ithaca at the house of Odysseus. They learn that Gaea’s army prepares to assault the Acropolis in Athens as well as not Mount Olympus as had actually been thought. The demigods should circle Peloponnese to get to Athens as the Gulf of Corinth is greatly secured.

One of the souls translucents the demigods and also makes Jason confront the spirit of his mommy which brings about Jason being injured. The 3 demigods summon Juno, who tells them to find Nike at Olympia along with Artemis as well as Apollo, all which were eliminated by Zeus. While at Olympia, Percy, Leo, Hazel, and also Frank are forced to be part of the dangerous Olympic Games of Nike, which they are able to catch. She tells them that a person of them is fated to die; they need the “Physician’s Treatment” for which there is 3 components: Pylosian mint, the heartbeat of the chained god, as well as the curse of Delos. Frank obtains Pylosian mint from relatives. They believe the chained god to be Ares because of a chained statuary of him the Spartans had as an assurance that they would win all wars. Piper and also Annabeth most likely to the temple of Ares in the ruins of Sparta to battle for the 2nd ingredient. Additional adventures result in Leo, Frank, and Hazel meeting with Artemis and also Beauty at Delos. Apollo gives them the 3rd component. He tells them that his boy Asclepius can make the remedy and that he is at Epidaurus. When they leave, Leo informs Hazel that he prepares to sacrifice himself in order to defeat Gaea as well as offer himself the cure later.

Once they obtain the treatment from Asclepius as well as arrive in Athens, the demigods battle an army of giants at the Castle and defeat them with the help of Zeus. Percy and also Annabeth are hurt by the giants, as well as Gaea is stired up by their blood. On the other hand, Reyna, Nico, and Coach are on their method to Camp Half-Blood. In her desires, Reyna finds out that a titan is pursuing them. They are attacked when they reach Evora, yet have the ability to defeat Lycaon and also go on to San Juan where Reyna is from. There, Reyna is captured by the Seekers of Artemis, that are operating in conjunction with the Amazons. The leader of the Amazons is Hylla, Reyna’s sibling. The giant is Orion, that eliminates the Hunters as well as the Amazons. The Blood of Olympus –¬†The Heroes of Olympus Audiobook Download. Proceeding their ongoing travels via shadow-travel, Reyna, Nico, and Bush go to South Carolina. When Bryce Lawrence, who had when been ousted by Reyna, makes an effort on her life, he is turned into a ghost by Nico.

After getting to Camp Half-Blood, Nico and Train go to the camp, and Reyna winds up on a private yacht on Long Island Sound. She defeats Orion there. Nico meets some Greek demigods, which almost results in fight, but Reyna ends the risk by disclosing the Athena Parthenos. At the same time, Gaea shows up and also begins to strike the camp. Zeus carries the seven demigods, that after that fight Gaea. Piper makes Gaea rest, Leo sacrifices himself, and Gaea is at some point ruined. The two sides stay together and celebrate their Camp Half-Blood accomplishment, up until the Romans go back to Camp Jupiter the complying with day. Nico makes a decision to stay at Camp Half-Blood; Percy as well as Annabeth determine that they will certainly move there as well to head to university after finishing secondary school. Leo is restored by the medical professional’s remedy.